Notice of Board Meeting and Agenda

Thursday – May 10, 2018 – 7:30 AM
People’s Transit Conference Room,
120 Wyoming Ave. SW, Huron, SD 57350

1.0        Call to Order

2.0        Public Forum

3.0        Roll Call and Establishment of Quorum

4.0        Notice of Meeting: Posted in Office and on Website

5.0        Approval of April minutes

6.0        Support staff update:  Pete Knudson, Dispatch         

7.0        Action Items:

7.1        April 2018 Financial Report

7.1.1        Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual

7.1.2        Balance Sheet 

7.2        Budget and Finance:  April 2018 SD DOT Request for Reimbursement

7.3        5310 Request for Reimbursement:  February, March, and April 2018

7.4        Health Insurance

7.4.1        Gayle on Avera 4500+ with HSA, Lauren on Medicare

7.5        Health Insurance Employee amounts:  $25.00/24 pay periods, $23.08/26 pay periods.

7.6        Kansas City Life Insurance:  Quote from Sarah May, Modern Woodmen

7.7        CTAA Expo 2018 in Pittsburgh: Update on training choices

7.8        Release of vehicle submitted:  2003 Ford Goshen VIN# 1FDXE45F13HA62772 and 1994 International Bus VIN# 1BAABCSA6R06126

8.0        Items of Interest:

8.1        SD DOT Compliances and Good Practice Review:  Plan of Action submitted.

8.2        DBE report submitted (Disadvantage Business Enterprise)

8.3        2016 Capital Grand Award for Garage Door Repairs, Lighting and Hardware

8.3.1        Garage Door Repairs: $4000.00 remaining, expires 9/30/2019: Two quotes received. Waiting for one more to follow procurement policy.

8.3.2        Lighting: $3200.00 remaining, expires 9/30/2019.  Total Bill:  $3,397.97-$679.69 (PT)=$2,718.38 (Federal)

8.3.3        Hardware:  (tablets) $632.15 remaining, expires 9/3/2018: No action at this time.  Working with local Verizon representative.

8.4        Huron Community Foundation Grant:  Awarded $3000 from HCF and $2000 from Emily and Robert Entwisle Family Fund.

9.0        Operational Items:

9.1        RTAP requests:  problem, remedy, corrective action.

9.2        Gayle and Tiffany will be attending TAM (Transit Asset Management) training in Pierre on May 23rd, 2018.

9.3        Nordby Center for Recreation:  PT Passport.

9.4        Upgrading brochure.

9.5        Website is updated.

9.6        Carlson’s:  no tax break

10.0    Next Meeting:  Thursday, June 14th, 2018

11.0    Adjourn

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