Out of Town Service


Daily Transportation from Huron to the following are priced for a round trip:

Sioux Falls















Wessington Springs


Wessington Springs


You are encouraged to call at least 72 hours prior to your appointment.

Appointments must be scheduled between the hours of 9:00 am and 1:00 pm.

*If you are a no show for your trip out of town, you will be charged the full price no show fee that will need to be paid prior to your next appointment.  This applies to self pay or Medicaid billed rides. 


Our departure times are based on the first scheduled appointment. We allow ample time to pick up rides before departing Huron. We often have multiple riders going to out of town on the same day.

We will typically coordinate all riders going to the same city in a given day on one bus. Therefore, riders will all need to leave at the same time regardless of what time your appointment is. Riders will also need to wait until all riders have completed their appointments.


For transportation needs in communities outside of our service area, please refer to the Provider Network Map.



Jefferson Lines

  • People’s Transit coordinates with Jefferson Lines to provide transportation across the country.
  • Effective 2/4/2022 Bus departures and arrivals will be on Tuesdays and Fridays ONLY.
  • Tickets can be purchased in our office or over the phone.
  • Tickets must be purchased one hour before departure time.
  • Bus leaves promptly at 12:15 PM and 4:15 PM. We ask that you arrive 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • Riders are allowed one carry on bag without taking room on another seat. Riders are allowed one 50 lb. luggage. Fees apply to additional checked luggage.
  • https://www.jeffersonlines.com/bus-tracker/