CTAA ELA Project

Graduating class of 2021- Emerging Leaders Academy Class

Graduating class of 2021- Emerging Leaders Academy Class

Throughout the year, the participants worked with each other, their mentors and CTAA leaders to develop a project that would demonstrate leadership skills, and assess and address issues in the field that would contribute to their system. Stephany chose Emergency Management and Planning. Her goal was to be a means of transportation in the event of an emergency.

Pictured Left to right:

Brian James (CA), Stephany Weed (SD), Christine Howe (VT), Corrine Steller (MA), Jeremy Johnson-Miller (IA), and Nathan Stanford (VA)

Emergency Management and Planning Presentation

Emergency Management and Planning Websites:

1) www.ready.gov
Disaster and Emergency Planning: Make plans for evacuations for most emergencies, financial planning, Evacuation planning, Emergency response planning, resources, including planning kits.

2) www.transportation.gov
Transportation Safety: Learn how to make travel more safe and compliant.

3) www.ntionline.com
Workplace Safety: A site where you can take courses to better your skills in all types of situations.

4) www.epa.gov
Environmental protection. Learn about various emergency topics and health risks, and how to go about them.

5) www.osha.gov
Safety and Health Information

6) www.cdc.gov
Emergency preparation for specific types of emergencies and how to go about them.

7) www.ugpti.org
Small Urban and Rural Transportation training and resources on various topics.

8) www.fta.dot.gov
Regulations, funding, training, and additional resources.

9) www.fema.gov
A site that covers national hazards and emergencies.

10) www.ctaa.org
A site to stay in the know with transportation, training and resources.

Ridership Chart

Emergency Management Planning Pyramid