Advertise with People’s Transit

Advertising via People’s Transit is a fabulous way to deliver your adverting message throughout the Huron community, with larger-than-life messages that people simply can’t ignore. After all, it’s a big bus with a big billboard! Advertisement signs can be placed on the front, back and sides of our buses depending on what works for you!

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There benefits of advertising on People’s Transit buses are countless:

  • Great Value: Bus ads are an effective and cost-efficient form of outdoor advertising to generate long lasting impressions.
  • Moving Billboards: People’s Transit travels throughout the entire Huron Community thereby circulating you advertisement as a moving billboard through local neighborhoods and commercial areas. Where else can you advertise in the middle of downtown Huron and around the community in the same day?
  • Often and Frequent: Twelve buses circulate frequently throughout the community between 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Captive Audience: Your exterior bus ads are seen by motorist behind and beside the bus as well as pedestrians/bikers and People’s Transit 400 daily passengers!
  • Huge Exposure: People’s Transit buses operate 260 days/year, operating 12 hours a day reaching many people during all times of the day! Your Ads can be seen up to seven days per week.
  • Super Easy: People’s Transit works with local professional Graphic Sign Makers in Huron – that can design a bus ad that works for you! They Hand the entire process- from designing to installing the signs on the bus.

Advertising Spots:

  • All the Windows
  • Side panels under the Windows
  • The Both on the under the Window Panels
  • Rear panel
  • Front Hood panel
  • The Entire side of a Bus including all Windows and Side Panels
  • The Entire Bus Both Sides of a Bus including all Windows and Side Panels.

Terms of Contracts:

Contracts can run from 6 month to 2 years.

For More Information on how to advertise on People’s Transit, please contact:

Gayle Kludt
120 Wyoming Ave. SW
Huron, SD 57350
Office: 605-353-0100
Fax: 605-353-0102