How to Ride

How to Ride

Rider Registration Form

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Seat belts and Wheelchair Foot Pedals

All riders shall wear their seatbelts while riding on the buses unless for medical reasons it would jeopardize the safety of the rider.

All wheelchairs are required to have their foot pedals installed and on the chair to support the feet of the occupants.


People’s Transit welcomes service animals for its passengers. Only animals that directly assist the rider will be allowed in the buses at any time. Animals must always be on a leash when on the bus.” People’s Transit encourages our other passengers not to speak to, touch or otherwise interfere with service animals since they are working.

Change or Reschedule your Ride

If you want to request a change for a trip you have already scheduled, please call the reservation number
(605) 353-0100. People’s Transit is not required to accommodate trip change request on the day of the trip.

When you discover you cannot take a scheduled trip, call reservations immediately and cancel the trip.

If you cancel your trip with less than two hours notice, or if you schedule a ride and do not show up for the trip, you will be charged with a no show.

Standing Order Trips

If you have one or more recurring trips per week (same pickup time same pickup address, and same destination), you may request a “Standing Order” trip. If your request is approved, a vehicle will be sent for you automatically and you do not need to call reserve the trip the day before. This will be recalled/denied after two no-shows within 2 week period.

Passengers using Wheelchairs

The driver will assist you in boarding the vehicle. People’s Transit will make every attempt to accommodate wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility devices. However, if these devices exceed 30 inches in width, 48 inches in length, and/or weight over 800 pounds the trip can be denied.

Personal Care Assistance and Guests

Personal care attendants (PCA) are required if you cannot take care of yourself when riding the bus. Bus drivers, on short or long distances, must devote 100% of their attention to driving the bus. The passenger, passenger’s family or professional care facility is responsible for making sure a CPA is available to travel with those that need them. People’s Transit makes accommodation for the PCA by allowing them to ride free. Be sure to tell People’s Transit whether a PCA will be accompanying the passenger.

Guests are allowed to ride; nevertheless, they must pay the fare, and they will need to make a reservation at least the day prior to the scheduled ride.